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WTS Rules & Regulations

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1WTS Rules & Regulations Empty WTS Rules & Regulations Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:21 pm



Every members can let go their products that they intend to sell, but the products must be in used/second hand condition, brand new products will be subjected to Preve Club Approval. Preve Club can remove the topic at their discretion.


Do NOT post different items by opening new topic/s. Your topic/s will be removed!


If you are interested in selling multiple (maximum of 3 products per seller) NEW items, kindly approach Preve Club on how to become a authorized merchant. It is not fair to the other Authorized Merchants as they have paid to advertise their products for sales here. If the number of products advertised exceeds 3, Preve Club may remove the excess/topic at their discretion.


Put on the proper tag [WTS], post without proper tag will be removed


Preve Club will not be liable for any loss caused by transaction occurred or agreed from this forum


Only BUMP your topic once per day!


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